Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sigma F88 & P88 Review!

Today I am going to be reviewing for you my two sigma brushes. I used the money that I earned from ebates (check out my post on that here) to treat myself to something a little bit more expensive!

The two brushes I decided to get were the P88 and the F88. They are very similar brushes- same shape, different size. So lets take a look at both brushes.
Sigma P88
Sigma F88

So here is the Sigma P88 Precision Flat Angled brush. Sigma says
the best use for this brush is to apply concealer anywhere on the
face and provides precise contouring. Sigma also says that this brush
works best around the eyes and nose. So here is my opinion: LOVE. 
This brush was love at first use (please excuse the dirty brush). This
brush works wonders in applying concealer. It is super soft and 
blends out the concealer quite nicely. I definitely prefer this brush 
over the typical small paddle looking brush. This is definitely
 something I would recommend for anyone to try out. 

And this is the Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki. According to
Sigma this brush is best used for blending in cream product to hard
to reach places on the face. I was super excited to try this brush out. 
At the beginning when I first used this brush I have to admit I was a bit
disappointed. I thought that the brush was too stiff and left brush marks,
I did not think that it blended well at all, and I thought that when I tried
blend my foundation out that the bristles would get all twisted and messed up.
But eventually I kind of learned how the brush naturally fits to my 
face and what techniques of blending work best to reduce brush marks and 
I have to say this is now my favorite face brush (other than the P88, of course).

One thing to keep in mind if you are torn between the F80 and the F88: 
If you buff out your foundation in a circular motion, go with the F80, the F88 
tends to twist when used in circular motions. If you buff out your foundation 
in sections and you go in horizontal/vertical/stippling motions, i would
 recommend the F88.

I would say these brushes would work well with everybody. I do not think
a particular skin type (dry, oily, combo) would have any affect on whether 
or not to use these brushes. I have used the P88 to also set my concealer for
added coverage and it works great. I think anyone who try's one of these 
will be happy with the outcome. 

If you have tried these brushes please let me know in the comments how
you like it! Also, if you have any questions or requests please leave it as a comment!

Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

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